Will R And M Squid Box Make You Vape Longer?

December 12, 2022 By cheapvapor 0

What I want to introduce to you today is a disposable vape with a large number of puffs and a large battery capacity. The design concept of the r and m squid box disposable comes from the squid game. You can see these more characteristic characters from the product packaging, giving people a mysterious feeling. The overall is relatively compact, and it is more comfortable to hold in the hand.

There is a built-in 850mAh battery, which can basically last a day of vaping. You can also quickly charge it through the type-c port at the bottom, and you can start using it again within 20-30 minutes. And you can enjoy 5000 puffs vape at least which are prefilled with a 12ml vape juice capacity.

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The compatible 1.0ohm mesh coil can control the temperature and output heat well, preventing the squid box from being unable to continue to use due to failure. And you get an incredibly smooth, delicate, delicious mouthfeel.

We carefully prepared 20 fruit flavours for you. Strawberry Kiwi is a mixed fruit flavour, the collision between fresh and sweet strawberries and sweet and sour kiwi. It tastes delicious but not too greasy, giving you absolute enjoyment.

Cotton Candy is a sweet and soft cotton candy taste. The moment you inhale it, you will feel like you are taking a sip of cotton candy.

Grapefruit Ice is a combination of fresh fruit and ice taste. The fresh and refreshing taste of grapefruit comes to the nose, and when you spit it out, there will be bursts of coolness hitting you, which is very exciting.

More flavours are waiting for you to taste and experience, it is definitely an impressive vaping experience. We have prepared these products for you in the uk online vape shop, and of course, there are more distinctive e-cigarettes waiting for you to discover.

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