What Are The Features Of Uwell Popreel PK1 Pod Kit

June 16, 2022 By cheapvapor 0

Uwell has released the Popreel PK1 Pod Kit in stock.The compact sub-system features an integrated 520 mAh battery with fast charging, as well as a board with a maximum power of 13 watts.

Uwell popreel pk1 starter kit

The Uwell Popreel PK1 pod system vape for sale is equipped with a simple board that provides the necessary protection and a maximum output power of 13 watts.The built-in battery with a capacity of 520 mAh is used as a battery.Charging is carried out via USB Type-C with a current of 1A. The replaceable cartridge has a familiar design, including a magnetic connector and an integrated mesh coil with a resistance of 1.2 ohms.The tank is filled from the top and features markings for accurate monitoring of the liquid level.

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