VAAL E5000-DL Disposable Vape-Fresh And Light

January 5, 2023 By cheapvapor 0

VAAL, known for designing disposable vapes, launched a new product e5000-dl disposable vape kit on the occasion of the new year. The fresh and special Morandi tone and medical stone particles make the whole product very novel and unique, simple and light. The slim, round, small and cute body can not only be your decoration but also convenient for you to carry when going out.

VAAL has selected 6 different Morandi colours and carefully developed more than a dozen flavours for you to try. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you can find the colour and taste you like. The mouthpiece design of this disposable cigarette is very special. The small cylindrical mouthpiece can make you smoke more easily, fit your lip line, and bring you a more comfortable feeling.

e5000-dl disposable vape kit

Although its battery capacity is only 650 mAh, it can also provide you with enough battery life and power. And as a disposable cigarette, it also supports 5V DC USB-C charging mode, even if the battery is exhausted, there is no need to worry, just charge it to keep it working.

12ml of pre-filled e-liquid will bring you a 5,000-puff vaping experience and restore the original flavour of the e-liquid to the greatest extent. In order to create a richer cloud for you, it chooses a 0.7ohm mesh coil. It can outperform most disposable cigarettes in terms of thick cloud performance.

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