How is the new Elf Bar Pi7000?

July 25, 2023 By cheapvapor 0

There is no doubt that Elf Bar is a top-tier presence in the vape market today, and every one of its products is highly praised. Released in June this year, the product Elf Bar Pi7000 is dedicated to creating an oasis in the palm of smokers’ hands, allowing users to relax anytime, anywhere, away from exhaustion and anxiety.

So what are the specific features and functions of this product? I believe that after reading this article, you will have a deeper understanding.

Better exterior design
Although the brand’s exterior design is very bright, the Pi7000 still has an upgrade in the exterior material. The overall look is stylish and modern, like a cute little pillow, and actually does use a TPU surface, and the grip feels as comfortable as a pillow. With different flavors of bright colors, the pleasing appearance has attracted a large number of e-cigarette lovers.

Elf Bar Pi7000

The mouthpiece is also made of food-grade TPU material, so you can enjoy its ease and softness in every drawing. Small and lightweight, pockets, wallets, and backpacks can be put in, whether it is for daily use or travel, you can enjoy its good taste.

More practical features
I don’t need to tell you more about the convenience of disposable vapes. 17ml of pre-filled e-juice, 500mAh battery power, you can enjoy up to 7000 puffs. Although the product is small and compact, the capacity of e-juice has also been upgraded, so that you can enjoy it longer without worry.

You don’t have to worry about the product suddenly running out of power, Pi7000 adds two LED lights at the bottom of the device, one reflects the capacity of the smoke oil, and the other indicates the battery power, through the red, yellow, and green three colors directly displayed. If you run out of power, just charge it through the Type-C port at the bottom.

It has no adjustable buttons or Settings, and a simple inhale can activate the product, which is suitable for people who pursue a simple and convenient e-cigarette experience.

Better flavor performance
The taste of the Elf Bar is as good as ever, but the continuity has been controversial, and many users have reported that the final Puffs taste has changed, but there are huge improvements in this product. It improves flavor consistency by 500% and flavor reproduction by at least 45%, ensuring that you can experience immersive flavor until your last breath.

Elf Bar Pi7000 hot flavor

There are still 15 fresh flavors to choose from. Here are the five most recommended: Watermelon Ice, Double Apple, Lemon Lime, Mango Peach Watermelon, and pineapple mint. If you had to choose just one flavor to try, it would be watermelon ice, which combines a refreshing flavor with a hint of ice, perfect for hot summer days, and if you also love minty, you’ll love it.

The product has added 5%(50mg) Nic Salt, which is healthier and safer than traditional cigarettes, suitable for regular smokers who want to get rid of the harm of nicotine and look for alternatives. This content is not too high, but it retains the feeling of nicotine hitting the throat, which is a satisfying electronic cigarette device.

All in all, the Elf Bar is well-positioned to be an industry leader in every way, and I am confident that the Pi7000 will be well-received by even the most discerning consumers. Look stylish, use simple, taste pure, big puffs, don’t wait, try it now!