Crystal Love – R and M Bar Disposable Vape Kit

January 7, 2023 By cheapvapor 0

Recently, there are many new disposable cigarettes on the market. The r and m brand, which is famous for developing and designing disposable cigarettes, has also launched a series of products, such as this r and m bar disposable vape kit. This product attracted a lot of attention and pursuit as soon as it was launched because its unique and novel appearance and practical configuration have created a unique style that is really exciting.

A series of products launched by the r and m brand, which is a disposable vape with high technological content and affordable price, all have a distinctive brand style. The r and m bar disposable vape launched this time is also leading the way in terms of innovation, design and quality. Its appearance adopts a subversive chunky, cute and round shape, which is clearly distinguished from the tornado series, bringing you a different visual experience. The appearance is colourful and retains the grotesque zombie printing design of r and m. Different colours and patterns represent different tastes. The classic printing makes it more recognizable.

r and m bar disposable vape kit

You can get up to 15ml of e-juice from this disposable cigarette, every drop of e-juice is very pure, and every drop is pure and rich, retaining the original flavour of e-juice. The upper part is made of translucent material, with a crystal-like cutting process, it is very shiny, and you can observe the remaining internal state through the translucent material of the upper part. There are a total of 16 different flavours for you to choose from, and each flavour has undergone countless trials and careful development, just to bring a wonderful taste to your mouth.

The overall body is very small and round, weighing only 70 grams. Such a lightweight device you can put it directly in your pocket without the burden of carrying it. You can adjust the airflow of the device through the adjustable airflow switch at the bottom to create a compact MTL vape that meets your hobbies. The battery supports charging mode, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power on your device. The combination of mesh coils can create more beautiful and rich clouds and flavours for you. Has such a beautiful and practical disposable cigarette moved your heart?

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