Vaporesso LUXE Q Pod System Kit Review

April 20, 2021 By cheapvapor 0

So today we take a look at the latest Vaporesso Pod kit, Luxe Q Kit uk in stock. We all know that Vaporesso is a very respected e-cigarette maker, and they know their product and have brought us some great products over the last few years.

Luxe Q Kit price

The Vape Vaporesso uk Luxe Q is light and small in size of 91.85 mm x 26 mm x 16.5 mm (including POD). It has a leather-type look, they’ve used some anti-fingerprint material on the panels, and the sides have a nice shiny chrome effect, the quality feels great. The USB-C connector is at the back of a panel and the LED is on the front. This is a basic pod kit, no buttons, sliders, etc.

LEDs are battery indicator lights — green 70-100%, blue 70-30%, red 30% or less. It flashes when charged and glows green when fully charged, which takes about an hour.

The pod is very similar to the PM40, just a little smaller, and I prefer the thickness of the mouthpiece on the Deluxe Q, which you can also lift off the lid in the same way. You can see the filling holes and the vents, which I like because it’s so clean. It comes with two built-in 0.8 ohm (red) and 1.2 ohm (black) rims. It has a new SSS leak proof technology, which works well because I don’t have any leaks from any pod, including it left in the juice for a few days.The pod uk is completely transparent, so it’s easy to see when full, but the window is small when it’s in the device, so you’ll need to tilt it to check the level of the liquid.If you’re interested in it,you can choose best online vape store to buy.

Pod Capacity:2ml
Pod:0.8Ω MESH Pod, 1.2Ω MESH Pod
Battery Capacity:1000mAh
Charging:Type-C, 1A
Filling Type:Top Filling

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