PAX Era Life Vape Pens Review-Is Better Than PAX Era Pro?

January 10, 2022 By cheapvapor 0

Today,I’ll be covered you the PAX Era Life Vape Pens for you.I think it is the best vaporizer which you want to get.PAX has always been based on the concept of iconic design and high quality equipment that not only gives you peace of mind, but also gives you the enjoyment of cannabis.How does it work?

When you own a PAX Era Life, you will find it easy to operate and understand at a glance.Era Life features PAX’s unique Pop & Click temperature technology, which allows easy changes in flavor and steam with a simple Click on the pod.

Changing temperatures operation:

One-click, one petal, low temperature = 520°F

Two clicks, two petals, low/medium temperature = 610°F

Three clicks, three petals, low/high temperature = 700°F

Four clicks, four petals, high temperature = 790°F

The PAX Era Life vaporizer vape in stock is a full ten millimetres shorter than the PAX Era pro, but this does not affect the longevity of the battery, which is more powerful and can be charged in 45 minutes.Perfect for carrying around in your pocket.It’s well worth mentioning that it’s also cheap, available for just $35, so if you’re interested, click vape online store for more details on how to get it.

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