Innokin EQ FLTR Pod Kit—Like a cigarette without harm

March 6, 2021 By cheapvapor 0

Check out the Innokin EQ FLTR UK. In terms of build quality, the EQ FLTR is certainly a well-made device. While it’s small and light, it’s not one of those vapes that feels cheap. I’m glad they used aluminum for the building and the paint feels strong. I also like the fact that brands are almost non-existent. There are only two logos under the device, one is Innokin vape, the other is EQ FLTR, almost all are transparent.


Simple design and portable size give you the feel of a cigarette without harmful smells. The Innokin Pod kit integrates a 400mAh battery and a Micro USB port for easy use and charging. No physical button design and automatic drawing launch mechanism, just inhale and enjoy the intense smell of smoke and nicotine satisfaction.

Refillable Innokin pod with 2ml e-juice capacity comes with a mouthguard lid that will keep the filter clean and long-lasting.Conveniently side E-JUICE refill design, easy to inject your favorite E-JUICE, with silicone stopper to prevent liquid leakage. EQ-FLTR RC-POD is compatible with 1.2HM weight joint coils and can be filled with your favorite nicotine electronic juice or NIC salt to give you a strong taste. Includes biodegradable soft drops that will give the familiar feel, cigarette filters, specially designed internal steam to guide the focus of taste, and make your filters last.Please go to best online vape store uk .

Device Dimensions:78.1φ16.8 (With Pod); 90.9φ16.8 (Without Pod)
Battery:Internal 400mAh
Minimum / Maximum Wattage:7W-9.5W (1.2ohm coil)
Max. Output Currency:3A
Tank Capacity:2ml
Pod Type:EQ-FLTR Pod(integrated 1.2ohm coil)/ EQ-FLTR RC-Pod(coil replaceable)
Compatible:1.2ohm Sceptre Coils
Colors:Storm Grey, Stealth Black, Ruby Red, Azure Blue, Rose Gold

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